Portable Digital Signage, South Africa

Portable digital signage is one of the fastest growing industry in marketing. With the ability to cater to every business due to its low cost, flexibility, custom content creation, SaaS software, and multimedia options - portable digital screens are the way to advertise content in competitive markets. Portable digital signage can be allocated to many uses, and one of these is providing way-finding at large conventions or institutions, in exhibitions, during marketing events, and for outdoor advertising. The range of uses is only limited by the imagination of the creative marketer. The type of content which can be displayed are many and varied from text to images, videos and a mix of both. Portable digital Signage is truly is a transformation in the way advertisements are run and will be run in the future.


Extend your message beyond your business, whether it’s in your storefront window or outside in the elements. Ready to work around the clock, ShowLED Portable Digital Signage displays empower you to always present a dynamic and vibrant message.

Benefits of Portable Digital Signage

  • Captivate 24/7, rain or shine, open or closed
  • All-weather durability, by design
  • Simple, customisable & smart solutions

Product Details

  • Floor standing style
  • Android 4.2/4.4
  • Slim and portable
  • Portrait or landscape view
  • Case: Metal materials
  • Optional color: White/OEM

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